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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "My Place" - A Story Told

A Story Told is a three-piece band that just released a new single called "My Place." Here, they show their ability to craft a fun, pop rock sound. The chorus features lyrics about feeling that too many people are in their house, while the verses discuss the concept of a 'mundane magic show,' regret, and superstition. The track comes as one of the lead singles for their upcoming album Mundane Magic and serves as almost a thesis for the project. It is about creating your place by removing all the things that are not adding meaning to it and focusing on positivity. I am excited to see how this theme continues when their album releases.

"My Place" is a pop rock track about removing what does not add value to your life. Here, the chorus features the lyrics, "There's too many people hanging in my house / So say your goodbyes and get the hell out / It's my place." The band uses a house as a symbol for the idea that you can create a place of inner well-being. You can decide to remove the people and things in your life that are not uplifting you. Like removing people from an overcrowded house, removing the overwhelming things in your life can help you create a place within that allows for new opportunities and mindsets. It's a sentiment that the musical trio delivers well between strong vocals, lyrics, and upbeat instrumentation.

A Story Told is a three-member band that formed in 2013 in Charleston, West Virginia with members Alex Chaney, Josh Allen, and Jason Lieser. Chaney leads on the vocals, while Allen and Lieser serve as the guitarists. Their discography consists of three albums with a fourth one set to release on October 20, 2023. Their first album released in 2016, and it is no wonder that over the years, they have accumulated over 200,000 monthly listeners and millions of streams on Spotify. If you're a fan of bands like Bad Suns and The Band CAMINO, A Story Told has a similar sound that you should check out. Make sure to click the social media links below to follow the band and keep up with their music.

Written By Sydney Gray



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