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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "My Turn" - Niky Pasolini

Niky Pasolini’s, “My Turn”, is a pop song about a love interest. We’ve all gone through the experience where there was a person we’ve had our eyes on, but were a bit too shy to make the first move. The title of the song is Niky’s way of saying that she feels as if it's her turn to let this person know that she wants them to be in her life. She refuses to let life “drift by” without having this person by her side. She wants them, and she's determined to make it happen. In this song, she reflects on the emotions and process of trying to find the courage to go up to them and admit her feelings. We get to hear her break down the rollercoaster of emotions, as well as the continuous overthinking that we all get when it comes to trying to speak up to someone we like. “My Turn” is one of the most relatable songs I’ve heard when it comes to having crushes, and I guarantee that anyone listening will be able to tune in and connect with the nerves and butterflies that Niky was feeling as well.

In the very beginning of the song, we hear an instrumental play. The guitar and piano are heard for a bit, but then the violin comes in alongside Niky’s angelic vocals, sending chills down your body. She kicks off the song by sharing that she likes someone, but is overthinking about how she’s going to tell them. She’s tired of the thoughts and pushes it to the side, saying that she no longer wants to “figure it out.” With this part of the song, we still hear the violin, making this part of the song a little dark. She was considering not admitting her feelings to someone she wanted, knowing the risk of having life pass on by, which she knew was the wrong thing to do. However, she then comes to the realization that with the fear of making the first move and not making any progress with this person, her life will continue to go on and she will miss the opportunity of spending life with them. So, she says “now it's my turn to tell you that I’d like to get to know you better, so stop time turning.” Her realization here has the sound of the violin removed, and is instead joined with a lighter and more uplifting vibe to the song. She now understands and has admitted her feelings towards them. By doing this, she feels like she "stopped time” from “turning.” She finally “figured it out.”

Niky Pasolini is a singer and songwriter from London. “My Turn” is the first of 9 tracks from her newest album titled, Update. This album was released about a week ago on January 20th, and is definitely a calming album with every single song sounding very angelic to the ear. In Update, you’ll catch various instruments, such as the banjo, piano, violin, and guitar that give off a fun and poppy vibe to each song. Along with this, Niky grew up playing the piano, cello and guitar, so it's wonderful to catch these sounds spread out throughout her album and her long experience in music showing off in her great tunes. Make sure to check out Niky’s new incredible album “Update” on Spotify and Apple Music now!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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