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  • Miles Tutor

Review: "NAMELESS" - Mishell Ivon

"NAMELESS; though in my mind we're always famous" is the lyricism on Mishell Ivon's hot new single titled "NAMELESS" which has some really damn good points about self-love and self-pride but also wanting to become existent into society. You may meet a person at a bar and they could become your nameless lover OR you might feel down on yourself hence the feeling of being "nameless" itself. For decades, hate and prejudice has been carried out against certain facets of society who do as much as good as everyone else and they sometimes are not given credit on their name when it's due. AMAZING MESSAGES HERE!

WOW! The production that Mishell and her band have done on this song is so funky and bouncy it really provides that nostalgia that many had from the peaks of neo-soul and the eras of Soul Train. I love the cadence of Mishell's vocals as all of the vocal layering rides so well with the instrumentation in a very harmonic way. Oh, and don't forget MishelI's vocal range. The smooth yet funky bass brings that element of surprise to the song before, during AND after the fragments of the chorus as well as those spacey synthesizers that is so "nu-wave-esque". Just like the ending of the song; AND THAT'S ENOUGH!

Mishell Ivon is a German-American singer, songwriter, actress AND artist of vast multitudes and skills who has a 20 year expertise in the industries of art and music. Mishell brings that glow and vibe to the pop scene with elements of funk, neo-soul AND electropop showing up on majority of her catalog. Mishell also has a band called Novi who bring some of that awesome neo-soul & funk style of pop music. A TRUE ARTIST'S ARTIST! Go give her a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor



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