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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Nashville" - Maria Lane

Photo Credit: Darren Cementina

Losing any prominent relationship in your life can feel as though a physical piece of you has been taken, leaving you broken and in a state of uncertainty. Maria Lane’s brand new single, “Nashville” is a heartfelt track that explores themes of change, loss, sisterhood and love. The song expresses the bond between two sisters who have grown up together, supported each other, but now must grow in separate directions. Maria’s touching lyricism will resonate with any listener who has ever had to say goodbye to a loved one. For instance, the line “I don’t know how to say goodbye, I’ve been holding back tears this entire time” reflects the sudden realization and acceptance that hits you when a distinguished chapter in your life actually meets its end. Maria Lane’s stunning vocals, melodic instrumentation and impressive lyricism establish “Nashville” as a passionate tribute to her sister and some of their most cherished memories that solidified their never-ending bond, no matter the physical distance between them.

The instrumentation in “Nashville” is simple but effective. It consists of an acoustic guitar, a piano, and a cello. The guitar provides the main rhythm and harmony, while the piano adds some melodic embellishments and fills. The cello adds a warm and rich tone to the song, especially in the chorus. The song has a simple and catchy melody that contrasts with the complex and deep lyrics. Maria uses repetition, imagery, and details to convey her feelings and memories. The chorus repeats the line “You’re leaving, too Nashville” several times, creating a sense of urgency and finality. The bridge is a contrast to the rest of the song, as it changes cord progression and the melody while showcasing themes of vulnerability and resilience. Maria’s angelic and expressive voice is very distinct. She has great range and control while singing with immense emotion and clarity. Maria can sing both high and low notes with ease and power, and she can also switch between different registers and dynamics such as vibrato, falsetto and belting. The sweet instrumentation and layered, harmonious vocals make “Nashville” an emotionally impactful and poignant song that captures the bittersweet emotions of saying goodbye to a loved one who is leaving your side.

Based in Brooklyn, Maria Lane is a singer-songwriter and actress with a passion for evocative storytelling. In 2021, she released her debut single, “strangers again” a heart wrenching ballad that showcases Maria’s beautiful falsetto with high-pitched vocal runs and harmonies. In 2022, she released her second single, “valentine’s day” which has accumulated over 4.2k streams on Spotify alone and later gained an accompanying official music video. In November 2022, Maria released her debut EP, “maybe I'll feel better” which features eight hypnotizing tracks, most notably “haunting me”, “crash” and “crying in a cvs” which alone has garnered over 5.7k streams on Spotify. Maria’s music is full of emotion and painfully relatable lyrics that help audiences navigate depression by focusing on growth and healing. Luckily for fans, the multi-talented artist, Maria Lane will be performing live on April 7th at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York City, where she will be playing three unreleased songs.

Written By Julia Hooper



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