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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Navigating" - Bre Kennedy

Bre Kennedy's "Navigating" is a soft pop song that touches on fear, hardships, and the unpredictability of life. Kennedy's raspy voice shines as she sings about life as a thing that we're all just trying to navigate through; we're all going through it for the first time and trying to make up the steps as we go along. The theme of this song is one that resonated with me, as we have all had difficult moments in life. If you sometimes feel like you allow fear to drive you, or life feels like driving in the dark without any headlights on, I am certain this track will resonate with you. Kennedy encapsulates these feelings of fear and the weight of life through rich lyrics and mellow instrumentation.

Kennedy begins this track with singing about how she has put "fear in the backseat," as she is trying not to let fear drive her and her actions through life. The second chorus utilizes Kennedy's rich storytelling as she talks about a phone call she received from her brother; she sings that "He said the worlds falling on his head / In the dark with no headlights / He can't find the ground again." Life is heavy; it can be difficult to push through all the bad times. In the chorus, she describes how we all handle these chaotic life moments, growing older, and new beginnings by just "navigating" through them. We do not know what will happen next, but we keep going forward. She delivers this incredibly relatable sentiment through infectious melodies and vibrant pop sounds.

Bre Kennedy, a Nashville-based singer-songwriter, cites Fleetwood Mac, Brandi Carlisle, and Bonnie Raitt as a few of her major influences. Her songs tend to center around life's messy moments and the human experience, and her latest single is no exception. Kennedy released her stunning debut album, "Note to Self," in October 2021, which is full of her timeless storytelling lyrics, pop sensibilities, and raspy vocals. She truly was able to develop her sound in Nashville and has performed in several venues there, standing out as one of the city's non-Country singers with a vibrant, organic pop sound. I am excited to see how much further Kennedy's career will go, and I look forward to her next album.

Written By Sydney Gray



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