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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "Need Me" - Lorelei Marcell

Letting go can be the hardest part of breaking up. Saying goodbye is one thing, but the reality of that goodbye is much different. The memory of what was good in the relationship can have you second guessing your decision. ‘Need Me’ by Lorelei Marcell encapsulates this mess of feelings. When Marcell’s ex calls her up, she can’t help but thinking of all the good times they had together. When her ex says that they need her, she gets excited, so excited that she negates the fact that the call is not emotionally charged in the way she hopes. As time goes on Marcell finds herself becoming jealous when she sees her ex flirting with other people. This web of emotions leaves Marcell missing her ex, and wishing for the time back when they were happy.

There’s something vulnerably honest about ‘Need Me’. A lot of the time, songs about an ex have the person moving on by the end. It may not always be a happy ending but it’s an ending. While we do eventually move on, there can be a long ‘in between’ period. During this ‘in between’ one ex may not be ready to fully give up on the relationship. By ending the song with the lyrics, “Takes me back to your room, when I still had you”, you see that the person in the song hasn’t moved on yet. They’re still holding onto a hope that they could get back together. This realistic portrayal of a breakup brings something unique to a heavily saturated market of breakup songs. Moving on doesn’t happen overnight and ‘Need Me’ is the perfect song to describe the complicated ‘in between’.

Lorelei Marcell is a singer-songwriter with over one million streams across streaming platforms. Her music has been picked by Spotify curators to be placed on their playlists, including: New Pop Picks, Fresh Finds, and New Pop Rising. Her first EP, ‘Lorelei Marcell’, was releases in 2021 and featured songs written in collaboration with JHart, a songwriter who has written for artists such as Justin Bieber and Usher. Marcell is currently on tour with Transviolet and have several shows between now and mid-May. To stream ‘Need Me’ and find out more information about her live shows, check out her Spotify linked below!

Written By Maddy Mahady



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