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  • George McSherry

Review: "Need Me Now" - LIAS

In "Need Me Now", LIAS shaped a smooth, hypnotic sound. No matter where you may find yourself, pair it with a coffee and cigarette breakfast to be taken to a contemplative misty mountain morning. The track's somber nature, set in heartbreak, is offset by a sincerity and finesse that lends a comforting power to the music. Despite the electronic production that features, the song has an undeniably organic, vintage feel to it, like a stick-n-poke tattoo or pressing your head against cold, raindrop-laden windows.

The song introduces itself with a clean drum loop that anchors the song before adding the core elements of LIAS's stirring vocals and piano into the mix. It's not only the palpable energy of the vocals that raise hairs on your neck, but also the hauntingly relatable lyricism employed to paint the instilling imagery of relationship post-mortems. The piano fills are paired with lo-fi effects and muted bass to establish an ethereal sonic space where I implore you to get lost in catharsis.

LIAS is a Berlin-based indie-electronic artist who employs a raw honesty in his music, using his classical vocal training to break down his varied and profound emotions, ranging from fear of failure to suffering of separation. LIAS took professional detours in his adult life, working in investment banking and the world of startups before launching his solo career. Despite the seguets into the non-musical, LIAS' affinity and proclivity for music is well-established; as a boy he worked as a soloist with established acts such as Jose Carreras and the Bavarian State Opera, honing his talents on some truly grand stages.

Written By *George McSherry*



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