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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "Neon (feat. Myah Marie)" - Night Acclaim

Have you ever been in a bad mental state? In Night Acclaim’s single featuring Myah Marie, the artists discuss supporting others when they need support. The vocalist sings about how whenever a person in her life is in a dark mindset, she will be there to be the neon light that makes their day a little better. Although the message may seem a little heavy with the discussion of mental health, it is an overall uplifting song about being there for each other. In “Neon (feat. Myah Marie)”, the creators show that there is strength in reaching out and asking for help from others. This lighthearted theme is complemented by the upbeat, and catchy melody.

The song begins with some light guitar chords before Myah Marie begins to sing in an enchanting voice. As the song continues into the chorus, there are quick and catchy drums that are added which compliment the upbeat and encouraging lyrics. The highlight of the song is the bridge which consists of the singer repeating “I’ll be there’ll’ be there”. She ends the bridge with a breathtakingly gorgeous belt to emphasize her support. Before the single ends, the chorus is repeated with layered vocals that show the singer's wide range. Overall, this is an unforgettable song that needs to be added to your next playlist.

Night Acclaim is a New Jersey-based artist that was surrounded by musicians, growing up. Being around artists and listening to his favorite musicians such as Katy Perry and Betty, he was inspired to work on his passion, and this motivated him to cultivate his craft. Night Acclaim’s pursuit of music led him to release his debut single in December 2021 titled, “A Little Bit” which has garnered over 4,000 streams on Spotify and set the tone for the fun pop songs that the artist will release. Although the songwriter has not released an album he has released multiple singles since his debut, earning him over 13,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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