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  • Fatimah Bouri

Review: "Neon Paradise" - Ali Gilbert

There truly is nothing like exploring a city and being enchanting by its opulent lights and hypnotic brilliance from neon signs. An ode to getting lost in electrifying cityscapes and getting lost in your imagination, "Neon Paradise" is Ali Gilbert's exploration of a galvanizing paradise filled with "strange things" and "neon skies." If you find yourself roaming the striking streets of NYC or hypnotized by the grandeur of casinos in Las Vegas, this track is certainly the track for you!

Heavily inspired by the pop-folk chops of Ed Sheeran, "Neon Paradise" incorporates plucky acoustic guitar strings and light, soft electric guitar strumming. Gilbert's vocal delivery mirrors Sheeran's rustic voice with more buoyancy to his lines as he croons about wanting to "stay in touch, I wanna see more of these strange things." The pop-folk friendliness enhances the song and invites the listener to share the same mesmerizing feeling that Gilbert is experiencing. In essence, it is a tuneful track that transports the listener into the lush atmosphere of a neon paradise of night cityscapes and embraces the strangeness of its beauty.

From singing competitions to writing and composing his own EP, Ali Gilbert has had a footing in the music industry since his early twenties. Originally from Tamworth, England, he has been performing locally at pubs and local gigs before writing his own material to perform in front of crowds. After receiving attention from local radio stations, he went on to perform at Open Mic UK and Soundwaves music competition. His first song "Days Go By" includes a pop-rap flair that permeates the rest of his debut EP "Truth Be Told" and he takes much inspiration from the likes of Ed Sheeran, The 1975 and Justin Timberlake.

Written By Fatimah Bouri



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