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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "Nervous" - Jenna Roessler

Jenna Roessler's latest single, Nervous, perfectly embodies the inexplicable feeling we've all dealt with when trying to talk to that certain crush who makes your mind melt and tongue tie. Regardless of age, this is a track that will instantly take you back to grade school by reminding you of days when that special someone would make you spin like a top with just one look. The repetition of "I get all choked up, you make me nervous" hits home for anyone who's ever been utterly flabbergasted by a prospective boo. Roessler perfectly encapsulates this indescribably enigmatic feeling by singing "when its the two of us, but la da da da da da" – an adequately accurate ad lib for how it feels to be overwhelmingly infatuated by a romantic interest who, unbeknownst to them, turns you to putty as soon as you try to talk to them. With that being said, this is a single that everyone (sans incels lol) should be able to relate to and empathize with – making it a must-listen for any and all hopeless romantics out there.

Nervous is a balanced blend of shimmering western guitars, groovy shakers, upbeat drums, and incredibly powerful vocals. With layers of clean electric and acoustic guitars, the instrumentation found throughout the intro and verse sections offer listeners a sense of emotion-filled atmosphere, while at the same time allowing Jenna's stunning voice to shine through. The chorus drives hard and hits like an early 2000's pop-punk ballad – a stark contrast from more traditionally relaxed verses – with the addition of male backing vocals further supporting Roessler's voice by lending gravity to parts of the chorus and bridge section. The acoustic guitar plays a tasteful harmonic pluck during the short break, coming in just before the final chorus; it's the small details like this that show just how much attention and precision went into making this intoxicating siren song. This track truly flexes its first-class production for the audience, pairing perfectly with Jenna's poignant lyrical prose and driven vocals to form a single deserving of attention from pop fans the world over.

Jenna Roessler, the midwestern musical maven herself, has blessed fans once again since her last exhibition on our platform. During her most recent appearance on Pop Passion, this same writer told readers to "keep Roessler on your radar as she continues to evolve with her songwriting" and what do you know ... the young songstress did not disappoint with her latest single, Nervous. Is that a testament to our blog's (*cough cough* my) ability to recognize a future star when presented with one? Or, more likely, does it lend credence to how truly talented Jenna is? I'd bet my money on the latter. Simply put, if you're looking for the next female pop star coming out of North America, set your eyes and ears on Jenna Roessler, as all signs point to her developing into America's next darling starlet.

Written By Dan Caddigan



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