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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Never Again" - Angela Parchetta

In her latest single, Nashville singer-songwriter Angela Parchetta creates a home; hanging affirmations like decorations on its walls. Four years since her debut, the song feels like a victory lap for the artist. The conscious effort Parchetta gives to recognizing the life she's built for herself is compounded with the resilience at her core. Never wallowing in the implied struggles from the past, she instead measures her growth and change. The strong-boned instrumental—confident piano chords, triumphant horns, and supportive drums—provide a parade-like quality to her declarations. Each assertion is like a colorful banner, surrounded with confetti and cheers.

Parchetta's experience in songwriting is exemplified in the song's structure. The most visual lyrics are planted at the beginning, where she describes the place to call her own. House plants, abstract art, and throw pillows are instantly recognizable images, but they feel intended to evoke an idealism and serenity. As the chorus bursts forth, it becomes clear that it was her confidence that got her here—not decor. "I'll never treat myself like less / Never again." The implication in this phrase is that she had previously struggled with self-regard. She does not linger in this negative space, only using it as motivation for the present. "Not looking back, no anymore / unless to see how I've grown." As much as "Never Again" stands as a declaration of self-love, it says just as much about how we relate to our past. Will it be your fuel or anchor?

Singing at the young age of four years old and writing throughout her teenage years, Angela Parchetta's debut had been a long time coming. Located in Nashville, she performs live shows, works as a vocal coach, and writes songs for the company SongFinch. She has previously released an EP in 2018 and her debut album in 2020. "Never Again" is her first single since "Trust Issues" in 2021. Check out her website, which features her show schedule, videos, bookings, store, and a more detailed biography!

Written By Andy Mockbee

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