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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Never Did Me Any Good" - Frankie Bird

"Never Did Me Any Good" is a unique and insanely enjoyable listen. Frankie Bird ties so many brilliant elements into the song that work to leave a memorable impact on listeners. "Never Did Me Any Good" perfectly depicts the feeling of being misunderstood and trying to fit in. Frankie Bird portrays how conflicting this can be, as she explains that attempting to fit in never did her any good. She wonderfully depicts the feeling of frustration that forms from this conflict, where there seems to be no right answer. At the same time, the song also serves as a euphoric release for this frustration, because she successfully puts into words complicated feelings that make listeners feel seen.

Particular elements of the instrumentals develop the emotions of “Never Did Me Any Good”. One of these elements is the upbeat pace of the song. While the song deals with a heavy and sometimes profoundly emotional topic, the melody stays fast-paced. The same goes for the rhythm, which remains relatively consistent and just as uptempo. This adds depth to the song as these fast-paced instrumentals are primarily played through acoustic guitar, which is an instrument typically used in a slower, and more melancholic way. Creating this fast pace, works to develop the frustrational element that comes from the song's theme of not fitting in.

Frankie Bird is a rising artist from the UK. She's been performing locally and writing songs ever since she was a teenager. Even at a young age, she revealed that she had undeniable talent. Now between Frankie's lyrics and melodies, her songs are sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners. Frankie also brings a unique youthful element to her songs and storytelling, which make them a refreshing listen.

Written By Alison Holst



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