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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Never Go Wrong" - Nicky Youre x David Hugo

Stop what you’re doing and go add “Never Go Wrong” to your most recent playlist! Whatever kind it is, this song needs to be on it! This fresh collaboration between Nicky Youre and David Hugo depicts finding a person that is so perfect for you, you know nothing bad will ever happen in the relationship. “I’ve seen you in a movie/I heard you in a song” –how sweet are these lyrics? This latest single encapsulates that feeling of being head over heels for someone and does so in the most upbeat and catchy way.

With a quick tempo, energetic beats, and ear-pleasing vocals, “Never Go Wrong” combines these essential elements to create the ideal summer dance-pop anthem. This song is perfect for all occasions– working out, hanging with friends, going to the beach, etc. The melody hooks you in from the very first note and you stay with the song the whole time just vibing and having fun. The beat is seriously addicting and before you know it, you’ll be playing this tune on repeat and singing the lyrics out loud. My favorite part is when they sing, “Never wanted anyone more/Falling forwards onto the floor”. I love that I get the feeling of being crazy in love with someone. There is seriously nothing else I want to listen to except for this song.

While relatively new to the music scene, Nicky Youre has already established himself as an artist with his debut single, “Sex and Lemonade” which has over 2 million streams on Spotify. His second single, “Sunroof”, found even greater success having over 37 million streams of Spotify. He’s currently working on some new projects– and we can’t wait! We can definitely except more great tunes from Nicky Youre in the future!

David Hugo has been releasing music since his single “Falling Hearts” in 2019. Having started playing piano at age 10, Hugo has had quite a lot of experience as a creative. Along with his success in music, Hugo is a known TikTok star where on his channel he posts original vocal covers of popular music and comedy sketches. Hugo currently has 1 album out along with 1 EP and multiple singles. If you like artists like Isaac Dunbar and Shawn Mendes, you’ll love more of David Hugo’s works.

Written By Emily Hancock




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