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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "never knew a heart could break itself" - Zach Hood

A breakup can result in one of two feelings: a person embraces a newfound freedom or mourns the end of an era. A lot of times, we are not honest with the other person about these feelings because it would create an even deeper conflict if they did not share the same ones. With that, it is not healthy to bottle up negative emotions because they eventually explode like Diet Coke and Mentos. Music is a great way to release negative emotions. Believe it or not, artists craft some of their best work out of pain and heartbreak. In “never knew a heart could break itself,” Zach Hood uses music as a coping mechanism for a breakup. He writes a passionate song in which he reflects on memories of his relationship.

I liked the strumming guitar melody that the song starts out with. It is simple, but it allows for a great buildup to the chorus. I also liked Hood’s voice. You can tell that he’s singing from personal experience because you can hear his sadness throughout the song. It really shows when Hood sings, “reality’s frozen, ‘cause I can’t take the photos of us off the shelf.” These are my favorite lyrics because it is such a rich metaphor. Photos are essentially moments frozen in time, whereas reality is the present moment. Hood can’t bring himself to accept that his relationship is over in the present, so he is living an alternate reality through photos. I’m an English major, so you know I read a lot into words.

Zach Hood is from Daphne, AL. He later moved to Los Angeles for music. If you want to hear more of him, I recommend “13 Missed Calls.” This song is about being pulled back into a bad relationship. Along with breakups, this is another relatable theme. Compared to “never knew a heart could break itself,” it has a much more gritter and defiant sound. We all need sad breakups songs in our lives. At the same time, we also need tougher breakup songs to build our confidence back up. Zach Hood supplies both!!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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