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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Never Mine" - Mikalyn

The pain of unrequited love is sharp. Love has always been hard on its own. It is always a rollercoaster of emotions whether you like it or not. The bitterness that comes with unrequited love is a cold feeling that is hard to characterize. Mikalyn’s new track Never Mine explores the darkness of unrequited love, the illusions it holds, and the damage that comes with it. Utilizing moody instrumentals and Mikalyn's deep sultry vocals the track opens up an otherworldly sound that is unlike any other. The producer of this track, Chris Grey, is a true talent in his field. He masterfully created an atmospheric soundscape that transports the listener into the scene Mikalyn paints with her words.

The track is moody and dark. It discusses the point of view of someone who is desperately in love. They have invented an entire relationship with them solely in their head. The delusions of this person are relatable and it's hard not to sympathize with the concept. We all have fallen victim to unrequited love and Never Mine takes that into account. The heavy bass is dark and fills the space while the synths add a certain flair that elevates the entire project. Mikalyn loves dabbling in the Dance and EDM genres using them to influence her work. These influences are clear on this track. The explosive chorus ties the themes together. The lyrics “ it’s a fantasy of lies// just for tonight// I'd let it deceive my mind” puts it all into perspective. Everything stated in the verses is shown to be just fantasy in the person's mind. They were never actually together and it was all just hopes and dreams in the end. This track is incredibly relatable; it adds something fresh to the topic of unrequited love and the sting it can hold.

Mikalyn is a Canadian artist who has had a rather unorthodox career trajectory. She was first discovered by a Brazilian record label after posting on Soundcloud. This led to her having massive collaborations with some amazing artists and pushing her career further. This experience was a step in the right direction and set her on her way to superstardom. For Mikalyn this is only the beginning; Her dreams are just starting to come true. Her tracks have been receiving massive streaming success and have even been placed on several Spotify playlists. Mikalyn is still on the move, releasing banger after banger and growing her fan base every step of the way.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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