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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Never Say No" - Mykyl x Todd Trần

Some people have this innate need to make others feel okay. We stretch ourselves to their whim, make ourselves available, and agree to things even if we have to make personal sacrifices to make it happen. It's toxic to ourselves to put them before us, but it gets to be something ingrained in our responses-- always to say yes. Mykyl collaborates with Todd Trần and brings us a track for the people-pleasers. It's titled "Never Say No"-- a pop-punk track with a throwback feel about telling us that we're not alone in being afraid to tell someone no.

"Never Say No" is catchy, filled with guitars, a catchy sound, and a modern production that somehow still makes us feel a little nostalgic with its melody. Mykyl and Todd Trần bring us the lyric, "Don't want to be a yes man/bored of bluffing, wanna/show my whole hand" which gives us the meaning of the song as a whole--that we're tired of always agreeing to other people's asks and that we want to be honest with ourselves and finally tell others no. They continue by saying, "The way I let you use me got me so mad" because we don't want to make anyone sad as people-pleasers. Still, when we constantly agree with everything, we get angry with ourselves for putting us in that situation in the first place. But as "Never Say No" aims to show that we're not the only one who thinks this way, maybe the common feeling will bring us a little motivation to stand for ourselves more.

Mykyl is a singer/songwriter and producer who started music during the pandemic in 2020. For "Never Say No" Mykyl partnered with Todd Trần, a musician, composer, and producer who has worked with over 100 recording artists in their journey of cultivating their sound. The two produced this track together and captivated fans using its intriguing vibe and relatable lyrics. Mykyl has more stunning tracks, some of which can be seen on his most recent EP, "hopeisnowhere" and we can see more of Trần through his Spotify, where he has playlists of his own music and songs he's helped produce.

Written by Jane Katryn




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