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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "nevermind" - Jayde

“nevermind” is the latest release from incredibly talented artist, Jayde. This song discusses her own internal struggles regarding what she wants in this stage of her life. She was having an emotional battle with the little devil on her shoulder, telling her she should let go of the healthiest relationship she has been in so she could be single. She wanted the freedom to be with new people, but she did not want to be the one to end the relationship. She wanted her partner to mess up so she would have a true reason to leave. In the song, the lyrics highlight her internal battle. She is going back and forth between wanting to stay with her partner because she loves them, and wanting the relationship to end. In the chorus, she starts with saying she wishes they would ruin everything, but then they “get a little bit closer” and Jayde starts to think “nevermind”. She wrote this song while she was in a very stagnant place in her life emotionally and physically. She wanted to create chaos in her life to feel something, but her conscience was telling her not to. “nevermind” is one of Jayde’s most vulnerable songs to date.

“nevermind” immediately captivates the listener with the dreamy acoustic guitar intro. Then as Jayde’s angelic vocals begin, the synth beats join her. The production is upbeat and lively, which departs from her previous releases. Jayde is known for her “sad-girl” pop songs, but “nevermind” has introduced a new era of her music. She has decided to take her sad subject matter and revamp it with an upbeat and energetic production. “nevermind” is accompanied by her latest music video. Throughout the video, Jayde is in multiple settings that are one distinctive color. This catches the attention of the viewers, as the bright moving colors create an ever-moving image. The most interesting visual is when Jayde is seen using a Magic 8-Ball. “nevermind” is about her being indecisive and not knowing what she truly wants. In this scene, she is shown turning to this object to make the decision for her. This was a very clever touch to the video, showing that Jayde has given up and has let fate decide for her. “nevermind” is an excellent representation of Jayde’s current music, leaving listeners craving more.

Jayde is a pop singer-songwriter from Ontario, Canada. At a young age, Jayde was naturally intrigued by music. Once she became a teenager, she threw herself into her own original songs. She participated in many singer-songwriter competitions, small performances, and songwriting camps. In 2018, she released her first single, “lines”. Throughout the year, she released several more stand-alone singles. Then in 2021, Jayde released her debut EP, Sad Songs About Sad Things. Her EP received a widespread amount of attention, including being added to Spotify’s New Music Friday Canada playlist. Jayde continues to release songs that are full of honest emotion and powerful lyrics. She is set to release more music in 2022, so make sure you keep your eye out for more incredible singles!

Written By Karlee Smith



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