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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "new classic" - XTIE

You should never change any aspect of who you are to please another person. Having to put on an act can be exhausting. In her upbeat electro-pop song, “new classic,” XTIE sings about going through this struggle and coming out of it with a renewed sense of self-worth. She boasts of her newfound independence and how good it feels to “make her own magic.” The track is strongly urging listeners to take a look at their lives and see if there is anything holding them back from these freeing feelings. After all, life is too short to be anything but your 1000% authentic self!

I liked the overall instrumentation of the song. XTIE made sure to reflect its happy mood in both the music and lyrics. The electronic sound was a very good stylistic choice, as the track was very “dance-able.” Everybody knows that the ultimate representation of freedom is to dance like nobody’s watching. As for the lyrics, my favorite part was the chorus. I liked how most of it was spoken as if it were a mantra. The listener has numerous memorable sayings to take with them. My favorite one was “It's a new era, making my own magic.”

XTIE is an independent singer-songwriter and producer from Hong Kong. She mixes together groovy pop beats with inspirational stories. This combination has received numerous praise from musical outlets around the world, such as MTV Asia and BBC Radio. Her other song, “Skin,” went No. 1 on the musical charts in Hong Kong. The track is similar to “new classic,” as it promotes a message of healing and finding your true self. Along with writing and producing her own work, she also uses her expertise to write songs for K-Pop acts and other popular artists in Hong Kong.

Written by Kelli Dixon



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