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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "New Shapes" - Enilora

This song, “New Shapes” by Enilora, is a dreamy, experimental pop song all about how we transform and change throughout our lives. Stemming from heartbreak, this song touches on the changes caused by rediscovering yourself after a breakup, knowing you let yourself “get carried away,” but the song applies to more than just that. It’s the nature of humans to grow as you age and experience more things, and though, as Enilora puts it, sometimes you’re “the mistress of the sadness and the madness in” yourself, you’re also the one pushing yourself to be better. We develop and we learn and we lose friends and find friends and find new relationships and we never stop becoming different versions of ourselves. As this song so aptly puts it, we never stop transforming into “New Shapes.”

“New Shapes” is an atmospheric pop song, leaning into the alternative and electro pop genres while really defining a new sound entirely. Starting off with dreamy instrumentals, you’re coaxed into the song, already entranced when Enilora’s intimate and breathy vocals start the first voice. The beat maintains variety in the background the whole time, contributing to the endearing chaos of the song, a chaos that so perfectly encapsulates what this song means. Each rendition of the chorus contributes to the dynamic energy that reaches the peak in the last minute before the end of the song. Enilora hums to bring the song to a close, tying the whole piece together with a smooth, mellow bow.

Enilora is a new, groundbreaking singer-songwriter from Norway, living in Copenhagen and making her mark on the Danish music scene. Already having played in festivals such as Reeperbahn, SPOT, and Smukfest, as well as doing headline tours in multiple countries, Enilora has already garnered an impressive amount of fans before even releasing her debut album. Her mix of melancholy electronics, emotional lyrics, and dynamic melodies has contributed to her unique sound, clear from the very first single she released in August of 2021. “New Shapes” is her latest single, released on April 5th of this year, and is a precursor to her first full length album coming soon! Use the links below to listen to more of her music!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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