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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "New York State of Mind" - Daisy Gill

On her sparkling, latest single, singer-songwriter Daisy Gill invites an intoxicating drama and character into her clear-eyed songwriting. The dizzying chorus is outfitted in glitzy keys and slick synths, practically tasting of expensive champagne. Reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, the jazz-influenced pop single is full of charisma and style. There's clear restraint in the production: the percussion only rolling in thunderously when it's given centerstage during the verses, the keys and synths distinct but harmonious, and her vocals always at the forefront to imbue "New York State of Mind" with its persona.

The technical qualities of "New York State of Mind" are impeccable. It's evident Gill has honed her craft, paying skillful attention to pacing and construction. However, it's the visceral feeling that stands out. In the chorus, the descending chords over her velvety vocals call to mind a lavish staircase or gaudy casino. "I'll take you for a ride with my New York state of mind," she smirks through the heady mix. She is the eye of the storm, effortlessly cool as she sends you spiraling.

Daisy Gill is a Liverpool-based singer-songwriter. Self-taught in guitar and performing gigs from a young age, her experience is evident in each track. Not beholden to the narrow constraints of genre, Gill brings together an eclectic variety of sounds and styles. Her shift towards pop music still draws from retro/jazz. "New York State of Mind" arrives as her second single of 2022, following the also remarkable "Telephone."

Written By Andy Mockbee

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