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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "News Flash" - Tina Rez

It’s not crazy to say that there will always be people out there who don’t have your best interest in mind and will only ever look at you green with envy. Most of us have experienced moments where people in our lives only pretended to care for us and secretly wanted to cause us harm. In the latest single by Australian artist Tina Rez, “News Flash,” she sings about the toxicity of certain friendships she’s had in the past. While the track covers a not-so-fun topic, the song itself is very enjoyable to listen to and feels like a fun party anthem. The song radiates confidence and has a sleek style that makes Tina Rez such an intriguing artist. The energy the song carries influences listeners to hold themselves with an attitude of self-confidence. “News Flash” by Tina Rez is worth experiencing as it inspires and relates to those who understand what it is like to be surrounded by people who don’t have your best interest at heart.

The song is eye-catching from the start, as the beat is instantly insatiable. Tina Rez’s voice works so well with the sound of the song and the way she sings it also makes the song feel like a dance anthem. The chorus of the song has this dark tone that makes the listening experience much more enjoyable and helps transport audiences to a new realm. Additionally, the lyrics featured in the chorus express the feeling of self-worth and understanding that you are worth more than how people treat you. The pace of the song is fast and that keeps the energy up throughout. The production of the song also keeps things interesting as it gives it that fun dark and confident tone. Overall, “News Flash” is a great track and a wonderful expression of fighting against envy that reminds listeners to stay true to themselves.

Tina Rez is a pop artist from Sydney, Australia. She is a very passionate and driven individual who likes to try new things when it comes to her art. She loves to write over a multitude of topics as a way to help those around her who have experienced the same obstacles she has. She has growing and building herself for some time now and her bravery when it comes to experimentation proves just how strong of an artist she truly is. She has found success in music competitions, as she recently made it to the semi-finals of a songwriting competition for her track “Envy.” Tine Rez is an intriguing artist, and her aspirations to help listeners through work deserve more credit. This is why “News Flash” by Tina Rez is the next to tune in for as it is definitely worth the experience.

Written By Chantal Charles


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