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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Nice Guy" - Lauren Presley

Lauren Presley's latest pop track "Nice Guy" chronicles her experiences with men that initially seemed to be "nice" and supportive, but later, would turn out to be manipulative and disingenuous. She grapples with self-blame, resentment and pain from falling for people that did not actually turn out to be different from the rest of her former lovers. If you have also dealt with a string of terrible exes that tried to portray themselves in a better light until you got together, this song will hit deeply. Between infectious pop hooks and storytelling lyricism, Presley brings you along on her journey of heartbreak and realization.

Presley starts off the song "Nice Guy" with describing how this guy would push her to the side and ignore his phone when out with his friends. In the pre-chorus, she gets vulnerable with the lyrics, "I still blame myself for falling / Held on way too long for nothing." Sometimes, even when we know we deserve to be treated better, we hold onto the relationship. In the engaging chorus, Presley expresses the regret she has for the relationship and the anger that she has for him to faking that "nice guy" persona. This message is communicated through upbeat pop production and emotive vocals.

Lauren Presley is a contemporary, electro-pop singer and songwriter from Redwater, Texas. She aims to delve deep into her lyricism to connect with listeners and pushes past the bounds of traditional pop music by bridging together elements of other genres. Her music has received attention from Wonderland Music and EARMILK. If you enjoyed this latest release, make sure to click the social media links below so that you can keep up with all the latest information on Lauren Presley and her music. I was hooked from the start of "Nice Guy," and I am so excited to see what new songs she will release next.




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