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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Night Call" - Ali Rice

“Night Call” is a sentimental rock ballad about struggling to revive a once-thought-lost romantic spark. Love is one of the few things that people fight for, time after time because hope always dies last. Specifically, Rice unashamedly portrays the raw emotions that come with unrequited love and the determination and dissatisfaction that inspires just one more try. From the beautiful acoustics to Rice’s soft-spoken voice, this track is the epitome of lost love and reminds us of all the sour notes it brings.

The gorgeous stereo acoustic guitar paints young love's dreamy, warm, and inviting atmosphere. Rice’s vocally perfectly accompanies this soundscape, only to subtly shift as it eventually introduces a stunning guitar riff that completely immerses the viewer in the song, heightened by the intensive buildup into a wowing guitar solo. Though the song begins as a simple and gentle ballad, “Night Call”’s sprawling mastery over a wide variety of production techniques brings its viewers on a tumultuous journey of young love.

Ali Rice, based in Bristol, is a songwriter, musician, and producer who’s released all of his solo music from his bedroom since 2020. Rice’s songs draw upon his experiences and interactions with the world, transforming them into captivating and poetic lyricism that’s honest and empathetic. Inspired by Sam Fender, Kings of Leon, and U2, Rice strives towards his own take on modern alternative music, delivering relatable music with catchy melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.

Written By Megan Cao



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