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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: “Nights Like This” - Vibi

"Nights Like This" is a fun electro-pop single. The electro-pop vibe gives the song a slight 80's inspired energy. The artist utilizes synths throughout the track to create a fresh sound. Vibi's smooth vocals complement the edgy instrumental. The vocalist is able to balance the darker and more intense instrumentals with her steady tone. Overall, this is a catchy electronic pop song that listeners will have stuck in their heads and playing on repeat.

The beginning of song starts with the artist's vocals. Throughout the single, Vibi layers her vocals which highlights her wide range. After each chorus, there are subtle vocals that sing "Oh". The layered sound enhances the dark and mysterious vibe. During the bridge, she belts a gorgeous "Yeah" that will have the audience gasping at her vocal prowess. Ultimately, "Nights Like This" has amazing instrumentals and a stunningly wide range of vocals.

Valerie Borghesi is Vibi. The singer got her stage name from her initials V.B. She is a Canadian native. Her most notable performance was at the New Year's Eve concert in Niagara Falls where she opened for Bryan Adams. There was an estimated crowd of 60,000 people, making it her biggest audience. The artist released their first single at the beginning of the pandemic, titled "No More Bad Dreams". Although she has not released her debut single, Vibi has released a total of five singles since her debut and reportedly has a catalog of unreleased music.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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