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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Nineteen" - Ruthie Craft

Music isn't simply meant to be heard; it can be felt. Every choice that an artist makes is intentional to convey a message, an emotion, an experience. Here, as the first drum-based beats of "Nineteen" began, I could feel the depth and power of Ruthie Craft's latest single. Her voice is a powerhouse -- it is soulful and full of emotion. As she sings about wishing to go back and change the past, to back when she still knew what she wanted, to when nineteen wasn't picking up the pieces of a broken heart, we feel every word. Blending pop and soul sounds in the music, Craft has truly created a bold track.

"Nineteen" seems to be about falling in love and then falling apart. Feeling everything for someone when you were so young, and after, not being sure what you want anymore or how to move forward. For the refrain, Craft sings "Take me back to the time when / Nineteen wasn't such a bad number / Before I went under / Rewrite the memories and / Undo how you messed with my head." It's a simple sentiment: you can't miss what you never had. If she could go back to before everything fell apart, she would feel younger. She wouldn't be struggling with the pain and disappointment and failings in their relationship. She wouldn't be watching this person leave. She wouldn't be mourning what they had and mourning what it caused. These lyrics are backed by drum and guitar sounds that kept building and keeping me engaged through the track. Her voice also shines through the entire song with its poignancy, clarity, and vibrancy.

Ruthie Craft, a Seattle-born but Austin-based singer-songwriter, has made a mark in the music industry with her performance with Keith Urban at the Washington State Fair, time on the second season of American Idol, and the few singles uploaded to Spotify. Her voice is rich and emotive, and her lyrics are also quite impassioned. "Nineteen" is her first single of 2023 and just one of the few planned for this year, all in anticipation of her debut EP that she is currently working on. If you're looking to keep up with Ruthie Craft as she releases new music, make sure to check out the social media links listed below.

Written By Sydney Gray



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