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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "No but Kinda" - Kahone Concept

"No but Kinda" gave me the impression of the artist's take on what it feels like to be sad and lost in life. He sings about "dim days" and "forgetting how to swim" as he is trying to better his mindset. There is a part of the song when he mentions that "he's made the change" but then quickly questions: "is it meant to last?". Just because he's good again, does it necessarily mean that this period of light will not eventually fall into the comfortable darkness that he has grown so familiar with? It can be seen as cynical to go into a good era with the mindset of "this may end," but it's true. All good things end, and I really appreciated hearing his honest perspective about how feelings go through such extreme highs and lows, with no warning whatsoever.

The main aspect to take note of when listening to this piece is the vocal range that Kahone is capable of. His vocals tend to stay on the lighter side of the vocal spectrum, but his voice possesses a great deal of strength. Keeping a lighter tone for most of the song and revealing his more powerful vocals in the chorus gives the song a good amount of vocal diversity. He knows how to keep his listeners captivated throughout the song. As for the melody, it matches Kahone's vocals very well and is as powerful as the concept of the piece. The concept concerns a bit of a darker topic, and deserves to be paired with a song that will do it justice. Kahone did just that and created this beautiful piece that perfectly portrays how he truly feels about the matter.

Kahone Concept is a Pittsburgh-based pop artist/producer and a project started by Ben Orrvick, who taught himself how to play a variety of instruments throughout his childhood, but as he’d struggled to find people to start a band with, he took matters into his own hands. He began recording and producing tracks independently in high school and decided to legally change his name to Ben Kahone. Kahone's newest song "No but Kinda" continues the new era for the pop artist. I also suggest checking out our review of his song 'Amicably' which is another incredible song he released this year.

Written By Melina Darlas



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