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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "No Control" - Peyton McMahon

Peyton McMahon has just released a powerful new single called “No Control”. This is Peyton’s first release of the year and the artist takes you inside his head and into his personal life as he shares a vulnerable side with his listeners in a new high energy pop track inspired by his own experiences with mental health. The single, "No Control” was written about the anxiety he has had since he was young. Peyton shares that , "Whenever I'm in situations where I don't have control over the outcome, or I'm trying to make a big decision, I can sometimes overthink and worry to the extreme. It's frustrating and makes things harder than they need to be, and it can sometimes feel like an endless cycle, so I wrote this song to vent about it." The honesty in his lyrics cover an open dialogue which explores the feelings that arise during situations like these, capturing just how it affects him internally, and leaving listeners feeling empowered by the end. If you also tend to overthink and worry about situations where you don’t have any control I highly recommend giving this track a listen.

With the opening lyrics, "I kinda hate the way I'm wired, my minds always on fire, I can't change it", many people can find themselves relating to his new single. "No Control" takes modern indie and alternative approaches to pop creating a refreshing blend of the two that lovers of both genres will enjoy. Listeners can expect to be taken away by Peyton's strong voice, heavy drum melodies, and infectious guitar riffs right from the beginning. One of the many highlights of this single are his honest and relatable lyrics that hit hard for anyone who has wrestled with their own inner thoughts. Peyton uses personal lyrics throughout the song to capture those intense feelings inside his mind and and brings awareness to himself, by asking, "What do I worry for?" and "Why do I have these questions?". I've learned that Peyton makes music with a goal in mind which is to reach other people and help them the way it has helped him and this song is certainly no exception to that.

Peyton McMahon is a Singer and Songwriter from Louisiana. Peyton has been recognized for his emotional music which is often inspired by his own life experiences and past with anxiety. Well known for the relatability he adds in his lyrics, Peyton's vulnerability in his music connects well with those who listen. His music career first began when he started posting cover videos on YouTube ten years ago. On his channel, he has covered songs by popular artists like One Direction, Taylor Swift, The 1975 and more. Along with posting his original songs on the platform, the artist has impressively reached over 13,000 followers and hundreds of thousands of views collectively. Since then, Peyton appeared on Spotify in 2017 when he released his first singles, “Tell Me Why” and “See The Sun”. Two years later, the artist released his third single, “Liberate Me” and in 2020 to follow he released his fourth single, “Higher”. After nearly a three year hiatus, Peyton with much anticipation released his newest and 5th single to date “No Control” on March 31st, 2023. Go give his song a listen and check out his social media for upcoming releases in the future!

Written By Jenna Barton


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