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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "No Good in Goodbye" - Lo Lauren

Lo Lauren’s first release of the year is “No Good in Goodbye”, a high-energy breakup track about the complexities of a relationship's end, and attempting to move on from it while the ache still lingers. Heartbreak is always a rough feeling, and surely there cannot be any kind of “good” in a “goodbye” from someone you loved with all your heart; the song is a reminder that, no matter what, goodbye is always going to hurt. “No Good in Goodbye” highlights these feelings with airy instrumentals and a classic pop sound, creating a dynamic dichotomy between melancholy and catchy hooks. Still, it’s hard to stay sad if the music you’re listening to is as fun as “No Good in Goodbye”.

“No Good in Goodbye” is one of those songs with melodramatic lyrics that nevertheless makes you want to dance because the track is just so energetic. The instrumentals are light and bouncy, a rhythmic backbone for the track as you’re treated to Lo Lauren’s melodic vocals that tie the entire soundscape together. My favorite part of the song definitely has to be the lyrics, though– the first line “Two lonely hearts on the road / crashed into each other just for somewhere to go” is such a creative way of describing a relationship, wherein the drive ends up going too far into “forever alone”. “No Good in Goodbye” paints a picture of holding onto a relationship that’s already ended, and, being a breakup anthem, it does this exceptionally well with its songwriting that illustrates the emotional rollercoaster you ride when going through said breakup. “No Good in Goodbye” is just such a fun, upbeat song that draws a compelling line between heartbreak lyrics and cheerful soundscapes.

Lo Lauren is a British pop artist whose musical journey began in 2023 with the release of her debut single “Never the One”. Even with only four releases to her name, she already has over 500,000 streams under her belt, and is sure to garner even more. She’s headlined sold-out shows at The Social and Paper Dress Vintage, and was also once described as “Kent’s answer to Katy Perry”; Lo Lauren brings a youthful and fun twist to the British pop world. Additionally, she ended 2023 as one of BBC Radio 1’s “Future Pop’s Class of 2023", which spells great things for 2024. Kickstarting the year off with “No Good in Goodbye”, it’s safe to say that this year will be an amazing one for Lo Lauren’s music– if you enjoyed this track, definitely keep an eye on Lo Lauren for her future releases, such as her forthcoming EP "Wonderlust" which will feature "No Good in Goodbye".

Written By Alexa Leung



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