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  • Megan Cao

Review: "No Is A Nice Word" - 7000apart

“No Is A Nice Word” is a pop jam with a strong underlying message; no is a nice word. Taking place shortly before two lovers go on different paths, the song highlights the importance of clear communication and boundaries. It is not rude to say no, especially to those who love and care for you. It’s important for you to say no to things that make you uncomfortable to respect yourself and those around you.

Though the song begins almost melancholically, it gradually rises, fuelled by the epic guitar solo in the background. 7000apart carefully choose words to craft the narrative of a feeling right after a breakup, where you’re upset and unsure of your own actions. With a catchy and hard-hitting hook, the song has you take a pause and look at exactly what your boundaries are and whether they’re being crossed.

7000apart is a husband-wife pop sensation with a high school love story, international presence, and heartwarming obstacles. When Amelie Eiding left her hometown of Stockholm, Sweden to attend high school as an exchange student in Green Bay, Wisconsin, she met her husband, Jon Kresin and their love blossomed. Once she returned to Sweden, the couple started a creative project called 7000apart, referring to the 7,000 kilometers of distance between them. After three years of navigating the difficulties of long-distance and cross-continental trips, the couple reunited and married in 2016. 7000apart has now turned into a serious artistic endeavor, and their music concentrates on personal struggles that relay a universal message and mental health awareness.

Written By Megan Cao



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