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  • Mia Chavez

Review: "No Strings" - Absnt Mind

Absnt Mind No Strings Cover Art

Absnt Mind's debut single, “No Strings,” is a heartwarming song that captures the essence of young love with its charming sound and lyrics. Instead of preferring the “no strings attached” relationship that many youths are set on, Absnt Mind wants something traditional, a wholesome love, complete and dedicated. The song's charm originates from the single's unconventional nature. This stems from its heartfelt lyrics that denote a loyalty and yearning for real love, instead of one that is loose and short-lived. A relationship that is not just centered around fleeting fun. “I'm catching feelings maybe that's a mistake / I say I love you and you just hesitate,” the singers exasperate. The song sounds like you're caught up in a whirlwind of overwhelming feelings and on the wrong side of one-sided love. The song describes a love that brings both heartache and desire, leaving the person longing for more, even though it's not guaranteed, which is the main issue.

Instead of creating a teenage song that oozes sensuality or exhausts the theme of one-night stands and drunken flings, “No Strings” is a refreshing and endearing track, riding on its humble pop waves. The song is modern in sound and starts with techno beats and pulses like the beginning of a cool video game. The tune is catchy and lively emphasizing the soaring youth of the singers and the young tumultuous love that often encaptures one at this time. “No Strings" is comprised of futuristic notes and a combination of other electronic beats that give the boyband its unique style. The harmonies of the singers' voices throughout the verses add a pleasant and swooning effect for listeners and fans of the teenage heartthrobs. A perfect tune for those with a crush or those amidst summer romance, “No Strings” captures the intensity of catching feelings and the rush of emotions as embellished by the culminating choruses and beats within the song. Fast in tempo, like the feelings of rushing youth and chasing love, “No Strings” debuts with a smash.

A band of five talented members, starring Alex, Ashton, Conor, Freddie, and Oscar, the British boyband comes full throttle with a fully charmed debut single that is sure to steal listeners' hearts. With an increasingly growing fanbase, calling themselves Absentees, the band has accumulated 30k followers on TikTok and 10k on Instagram. They are set to go on their first tour across the UK and visit various cities like Newcastle, Nottingham, Cardiff, and London. The band has collaborated with talented music producers like Billented, Mojam, Jack ‘n Coke, and Futuristics. They've also collaborated with songwriters like Wayne Hector, Corey Sanders, and Anya Jones, including the boy's own songwriting that can be accredited. They've done covers of songs from stars like Harry Styles to others like SZA and Noah Kahan. Across the board, Absnt Mind is a lively talent powerhouse destined for success in the pop industry. I look forward to seeing the boys rise to the top!

Written By Mia Chavez



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