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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "North to South" - REYKO

REYKO’s, “North to South” is a song that follows a person's journey of growth and new adventures, but is narrated by a separate person. This individual has packed up their bags into their car and is traveling down South. With nothing but their belongings, hopes and dreams, this person is starting fresh with nothing to lose. Although it may be nerve wracking to leave everything behind in order to start a new adventure, this song tells us that when you have a dream that you’d like to chase and make it come to life, there shouldn’t be anything getting in your way in order to achieve that. And what may come with that is a new life, “just a straight line into the unknown.”

The vocalist has a quieter sound, almost like they’re using a whisper way of singing which could remind you of Billie Eilish’s songs. With a low and whisper voice throughout the entire track, I think this choice of sound was interesting in terms of the lyrics. The song is about new beginnings and growth, so rather than an upbeat song to display the positive meaning to their story, the singer does quite the opposite. This was a unique way of showing the emotion of leaving something behind. Although the lyrics are showing a sense of happiness and being proud for the individual that's moving across the country, the vocalist uses a slower and emotional voice to describe how it may have felt for them to leave everything behind, pack up the car and leave. With this behind a very sentimental moment, the person moving most likely felt emotional while driving away in their car, knowing that they were leaving everything they loved and were used to, all behind. The lyrics being positive shows that even though growth comes with detachment or uncomfortable moments, it’s definitely worth it in the end to see how far you’ve come.

REYKO is an alternative-pop duo based in London. North to South is 1 of 10 songs from their newest album titled, “Fantasía.” It is now their 3rd album and it was released on January 20th. The two that make up REYKO are Soleil and Igor who are from Spain. With the both of them being Spaniards, the album includes songs in both Spanish and English. The album comes with a wide range of instruments, influences, and stories to share, such as euphoric anthems, tales of heartbreak and romantic ballads. In these songs, you can hear fuzzy rock guitars, jazzy pianos and psychedelic electronic music. There are some artists that inspired and influenced them, that you can be able to catch in their songs, such as the Beatles, Billie Eilish, Jane Birkin and more. According to their Spotify page, they have over 311,000 monthly listeners with their most popular song being, “Spinning Over You”, with 28.6 million streams. Check out REYKO’s new album “Fantasía”, out now on Spotify and Apple Music!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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