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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "Nostalgia" - Blair West

Have you ever found yourself getting lost in your memories? As you take a look at the past you are suddenly filled with a bittersweet happiness. "Nostalgia" by Blair West details the beautiful pain and emotions that can accompany looking back on the early stages of a relationship. This song explores the idea of something being gone and never returning, which leads to the universal yet unique feeling of nostalgia. The singer describes these heavy feelings with stunning lyricism and a peaceful acoustic sound. The vulnerable message and mesmerizing melody will have you singing along with Blair's outstanding vocals.

Dreamy synths, hazy acoustics, and uplifting strings make up the instrumental of this whimsical breakup single. The calm melody allows the singer's gorgeous and soothing harmonized vocals to shine as she shares emotional lyrics. This track has the amazing and tranquil instrumental of Jewel and Joni Mitchell, as well as the incredibly captivating and creative songwriting of Taylor Swift's sister albums "Folklore" and "Evermore". “Nostalgia” is the perfect track to listen to as you reflect on fond memories. As this catchy song fades to an end it will have you singing at the top of your lungs, wishing it never ended.

Blair West is a versatile pop artist based in New York. This songwriter has a background in piano, guitar, musical theater, and was president of her college a-cappella group. After moving to New York, her musical dreams were put to a halt as she established a career in journalism and marketing, however, she is confidently returning to music with more experience and passion. The singer's musical journey has led her to perform her two other singles, "All This to Say" and "Rabbit Holes", all over the East Coast and to perfect her folk, soul, and indie pop sound. Make sure to support Blair by giving her a follow below!

Written By Stephanie Berning


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