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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "Not a Clue" - Alex Kate

Have you ever been unsure about your feelings for another person? In "Not a Clue" by Alex Kate, the feelings of romantic confusion is explored. The singer details being a mess and not being able to sort out her emotions. Alex continues singing that she feels pressured to figure out her feelings. This eternal battle has her feeling as though she has no idea what is going on with herself. Although the lyrics have a heavier tone, it is balanced by the upbeat melody, making it a high-energy tune. The instrumental has an 80s feeling and a cool synth-pop sound. Overall, this is a catchy summer bop that will have you need to give a listen to.

Smooth vocals, gorgeous synths, fun drums, and a saxophone make up “Not a Clue”. The single has a great instrumental that keeps the song light while having the same stunning writing as a Jane Austen novel. This track’s soundscape has a nostalgic vibe that transports you to a different time. As the singer contemplates her feelings, an amazing upbeat melody begins that will have you nodding your head along with the song. Ultimately, Alex Kate created an incredible track with ”Not a Clue” that will not only tug on your heartstrings with its relatable lyricism but will also have you dancing with its electric instrumental.

Alex Kate is a singer/songwriter based in Norwich, United Kingdom. The artist began releasing music in November 2020, with her debut single named, "Love Drug". Since her first song, she has released multiple singles and an EP titled, "Rebel for Love". In the vocalist's free time, she loves to make TikTok videos. In these TikTok videos, she does a three-word song challenge. The three-word song challenge is when the songwriter is given three words chosen by the community that she has to write a song with. These challenges have gone viral and have brought a lot of attention to the singer's music. Make sure to show Alex Kate some support by clicking the links below and giving her a follow!

Written By Stephanie Berning


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