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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Not A Crime" - Juli Chan

“Not A Crime” is a daring and electric pop hit about deciding the next move in a relationship. So much thought and stress goes into saying the right words or wearing the right thing, we tend to hyper-fixate on what we should do. Even explaining our situation and decisions to our friends might make us sound kind of crazy, in the end it’s not a crime to care and put effort into someone. Juli Chan is here to reassure all the ladies who are feeling confused, that it’s okay to be kind of obsessive when trying to figure out what to do next.

This pop track is heavy in synths and electric beats, creating a pop new-soundwave kind of feel. The overall vibe of this song is very much slow groove and is definitely something you would hear at the club. Juli Chan’s style of artistry is very much similar to that of Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish. My favorite lyrics from this song were, “checking on my phone just to see if you called me”. I think these are some of the most relatable lyrics in any pop song ever. How many times have we all been waiting on that text or call and been constantly checking our phones? I think this song and these lyrics send a message that’s buried underneath the initial feel of the tune. Juli is pointing out all the things that she’s doing for this guy, and I think at some point in all this stress and chaos, we have to realize our worth and that this one person may not be worth all the panic.

Juli Chan while no strange to the music industry, is however having a “first” with this single release. “Not A Crime” is Chan’s first release in English. For the first time, the artist co-created her song with a Swedish duo of authors and composers. Keeping her roots in music, Chan’s first English track has Euro-pop energy. Finding success in Sweden, Juli has begun to grow her fanbase in other countries. As Juli continues to produce music, she approaches her goals and career the same way– bold and daring and utterly unapologetic. You won’t want to miss out on what’s next for Juli Chan! We can’t wait to hear more great pop hits!

Written By Emily Hancock



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