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  • Zewdi Cass

Review: "not my fault" - saturn 17

Like something out of an Indie dreamland, "not my fault" by duo saturn 17 describes the whirlwind mixture of emotions that comes with having feelings for someone who's in a relationship. While the artist states that they won't "wreck love," lyrics like "You whisper close that you know it's not my fault" allude to shared feelings between the two, fueling a never-ending cycle of hope for this person to confess mutual adoration, and disappointment from the realization that things may never change. The unfixed shift in tempo and spirit of the song perfectly compliment the poignant ebb and flow that the lyrics represent.

Proceeding a distinct drum line intro, the self-written and produced single "not my fault" begins with vocal focused heart-bearing lyrics focusing on the confusion faced by the artist. Instrumentals slowly creep into the verse, increasing intensity both in sound and lyrically, as the song builds towards its melancholic-yet-hopeful chorus, where the distinct moody vibe of the intro continues in an upbeat fashion. The outro concludes the emotional single with an echo of the title lyrics accompanied by a singular, wistful guitar. Staying true to saturn 17's indie roots, "not my fault" provides honest and relatable storytelling against an emotion-provoking melody.

California natives Nika Fazeli and Halsey Bousquet began writing music together in 7th grade before calling themselves 'saturn 17' when both artists were 17 years old. Though their first attempts weren't what they hoped for, the duo continued to work on finding their sound for years before eventually finding their unique artistic style. They released their first EP "could this be love?" in 2019 which included the titular single, as well as singles "jazz club" and now "not my fault" in 2022. Though young in age, saturn 17 pulls inspiration from real-life experiences, wins and losses included, to produce compelling anthems. By working together as a singer/songwriter duo, the artists have been able to create a dreamlike indie/bedroom pop identity that showcases their individual and combined talents.

Written By Zewdi Cass

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