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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Not the Problem" - LOGAN

LOGAN wrote this one for all the recovering people-pleasers out there who couldn’t help but bend backwards for people who wouldn’t have done the same for you. “Not the Problem” is an anthemic song all about letting go and embracing your authenticity. It’s pop rock at its finest– LOGAN’s powerful vocals mingle with vulnerable lyrics about friendship to create a cathartic track that makes you want to sing along. It carries an important message about realizing your importance and acknowledges that doing your best never means you're the problem; by surrounding yourself with those who celebrate you for you, and who you want to be, you too can rid yourself of overthinking and those who just want to use your kindness for their own selfish means. If you’re the type to give and give and give, “Not the Problem” is going to speak to you in a way that only you can understand.

Ardent percussion, strings, and vocals, “Not the Problem” has that quintessential pop rock vibe that grows into a crescendo, a coming wave, as each verse piles on top of one another to form a chorus that is the build-up of sheer emotion. LOGAN does a fantastic job of both writing and providing the vocals for her latest track, but where they meet in perfect harmony is definitely in the chorus, which tends to be my favorite part of any good pop rock song. Just the way she sings “I was naïve thinking everybody had such/good intentions” flows beautifully, and I simply adore how each word eats into the next, making the lyrics feel almost like a rushing stream teeming with feeling and catharsis. The verses, though, are much quieter and understated, but all this does is emphasize the amount of power behind the chorus each time it comes around; with the crash of percussion and intense guitar, “Not the Problem” is exactly what I love about pop rock, especially from one such song with an extremely important message about embracing yourself and self-confidence.

LOGAN, AKA Logan Welborn, is a singer-songwriter whose blending of soul, folk, and rock with pop creates a soundscape that could only belong to her. While she is originally from North Carolina, she moved to Los Angeles after her graduation from Duke University, which allowed her to perform at tons of well-known venues ranging from the Viper Room to Hotel Cafe, to name a few. At Duke University, she was an artist with the student-run record label Small Town Records. Her debut single “Mixed Signals” dropped in 2019 and since then she’s released three other singles, including “Not the Problem”. Currently, “Not the Problem” is LOGAN’s latest release, and if you enjoy the sounds of Kelly Clarkson and Olivia Rodrigo, then you’ll find solace in LOGAN's similar tunes, although with that special touch of hers that makes it unmistakably LOGAN.

Written By Alexa Leung



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