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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "Nothing Seems to Matter Now" - VICTORS

Everything about this song matters, from the 80's inspired instruments to the intoxicating melody to the simplicity of the crisp vocals gliding over them all. VICTORS has given us a sure-fire bop. VICTORS’ music can best be described as fun and upbeat with light yet contemplative lyrics and this song is no exception. They seem to have mastered the art of using compelling music and melodies and pairing them with lyrics that are easy to sing along to. “Nothing Seems to Matter Now” is an optimistic spin on the crazy little thing called love that we all encounter at some point in our lives. The tunnel vision described in this song is reminiscent of young, innocent love, before there is room for any doubt or outside influences.

You can’t help but start dancing as you notice the music and its influence first. Then, the lyrics hit you and it’s this feel-good love song, released just in time for the sun to make its grand entrance and long drives to begin again. “When you’re on my mind, I can’t seem to focus with somebody like you.” VICTORS capture the polarizing effects of love with these lyrics, how that person is all you think about, all you care about, at any given moment when you’re in a relationship with them. They continue “When you’re by my side, nothing seems to matter when my one is now two.” So, it’s an us-against-the-world situation as far as VICTORS are concerned. The bass guitar maintains the groove while the drums keep everything in pace and on track. VICTORS sing of how the solo lifestyle no longer cuts it for them and they are all for the duo they’ve found themselves in.

Brought to life in Leeds in 2016, VICTORS is a band consisting of members Harry Waterhouse, Leon Davies and Simon Appleson. Their musical style is described as a fusion of indie pop, 80's, and electronica. They embarked on their musical journey with the release of their first single “Tonight” and have been making waves on the music scene ever since. Currently, they have amassed thousands of followers across Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and YouTube. As a newly minted fan, I happily add myself to that count. VICTORS’ upcoming EP, titled “The Hotel” is set to release this year and will include “Nothing Seems to Matter Now”. To keep up with all things VICTORS, follow them at their socials below.

Written By Keiunna Thompson



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