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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "Notifications Off" - Still Searching

In the world of screens and technology, it is nearly impossible to catch a break. Notifications go off every five seconds, and seem to multiply faster the more that you need them to stop. Still Searching’s recent release “Notifications Off” explains this feeling (as the title might suggest), and the artist’s personal struggles with overthinking and anxiety shine clearly through. The song itself is simplistic, with most of the soundscape including only a backing track of piano and electric synths. This allows listeners to focus on the lyrics, and truly hear what he is trying to say. Still Searching explains that the song is about “being self destructive, feeling detached from another person you’re supposed to love, acting irrational, getting tunnel vision then getting very anxious but not taking care of yourself.” This feeling is extremely common, and he does a perfect job at detailing it.

The premise of this song is simple: the artist feels as if the world is too full of too much disappointment, stress, and anxiety for him to manage, so to cope he shuts it all out. He opens the song with the lyric “I turn my notifications off / Cause if I hit you back / You'll know what's wrong”, which gets right to the point and hits hard as the introduction to this track. The chorus is where the soundscape of the song comes to a precipice, and spills into feelings of inferiority and the need to deal with it on your own. Still Searching sings, “I'm doing everything I can / Not to blow my cover / It's not your fault / I'm shutting you out / Till the problem's solved / So I keep my notifications off”. He knows that he has help in these trying times, but he is so self-destructive that he feels like he needs to manage it all alone. The only way to do this is to shut out the world and turn off all contact, even with people who love him.

Previously known as SVEN, artist Sam Stevenson has rebranded as Still Searching, and is ready to get back into the music scene. Originally from Kildare, Ireland, Stevenson’s music has been making hits around the UK and on Spotify, and it is clear why. With similar vibes to Jeremy Zucker, the 1975, and LANY, Still Searching has a unique mix of alternative pop and electro synth music. He writes about classic topics, such as leaving home, and the mental struggles with finding yourself in the world. Fans relate to his topics, and appreciate how matter of fact he is about these issues. He is certainly not one to miss, so make sure you follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more new music.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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