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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Novocaine" - Tadhg Daly

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by the things happening to and around us that we can’t help but feel like we’re not up to standards. Occasionally we’re pushed down, our self-esteems taking a dive into the deep end and our minds not doing anything to push us back up. It’s a terrifying feeling to imagine you’re not good enough, that your worth is somehow less than your peers. In these moments, we find comfort in dangerous things, little bits of desperation peeking out from ourselves to try and find some way to ignore these thoughts. Tadhg Daly writes about this feeling in his new song, “Novocaine”. In a track that brings a renewed sense of vulnerability, he takes us on the journey of not feeling good enough, desperately clutching onto whatever we can before giving up and falling victim to all the bad thoughts.

It’s a progressive pop production, Daly’s captivating vocals melding well with them to make a stunning performance with this new track. “Novocaine” is a darker track in meaning—Daly takes from his experience of being bullied in his childhood, molding it so it can be seen through many situations. He starts with his own emotions, then succumbs to the drugs to numb his feelings, singing, “I’ll never be enough for you/Tell me I’m just a fool”. With an electro-pop feeling, Daly brings an emotional club beat and this stunning meaning. He establishes a sense of vulnerability with this track, bringing his struggles to light, making them a fantastic track, and sharing his passion with his listeners.

Tadhg Daly is a Jersey-born Irish singer/songwriter with music in his blood. He’s been surrounded by the musical talent in his family, growing creatively in his youth and pursuing his passion for music after a sports injury that left him with little to do. He’s shared bits of his recovery and personal growth through his music, garnering an audience enamored by his honest songwriting. “Novocaine” is part of his upcoming EP titled “Getting It All Wrong” which is set to come out on October 14th. He’s set to perform a couple of shows in October, ready to show a stunning performance to all who attend.

Written By Jane Katryn



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