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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Now I Know" - Zach Paradis

Let’s face it. It HURTS when close relationships end. We make mistakes, trust is broken, and then we’re left to pick up the pieces on our own. Only afterward do we realize what went awry, and sometimes we’re at fault. For Zach Paradis, that gut-wrenching sensation was still fresh in his mind when he wrote ‘Now I Know’. He talks about his failed relationship; now realizing what he did wrong and wishing he could have a do-over. “We should’ve been more baby...I really let a good thing die.” It’s funny because the lyrics scream “Emotional damage!”, but the tune itself is super upbeat. It’s clear that Paradis is trying to preserve the relationship in his head, even though he can’t get it back. You really feel for him.

Paradis puts a remarkable twist on your average summer pop bop. He starts with a phone call intro, leading into some impressive verses. “Couldn’t see that you were right until you left, you moved on and something clicked inside my head.” His realization moments in this song are catchy AF! Surrounded by the sparkling, feel-good vibes of electric guitar, whistles and vocal harmonies, Paradis really shines. He includes a salient post-chorus, where his regret comes in full force. He then builds it out into this ingenious, trap-driven countermelody in place of the last chorus. Add Paradis’s gorgeously vulnerable falsetto and you’ll be blown away!

Cleveland, Ohio native Zach Paradis (last name pronounced “paradise”) is a blooming singer-songwriter and music producer now based in LA. His early fascination with poetry and fantasy novels led to an appreciation for music melodies. His professional journey started back in 2015 as an audio engineering intern with Atlanta’s Reach Records. A few years later, he launched his solo artist career and enjoys doing it full-time. He’s greatly inspired by producer-artists like Pharrell, Jon Bellion and Ed Sheeran. His music blends the energy of hip-hop and pop with the evocative melodies that he makes himself. His new 5-track EP ‘Now I Know’ is available now and you should totally check it out!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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