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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "Nowhere to Run" - Emi Wide

This song, “Nowhere to Run” by Emi Wide, is a haunting, electric pop song all about inner demons, deep fears, and how it’s impossible to ever escape them all. With a pounding beat and dark melody, Emi Wide uses her lyricism to string together eerie imagery of the creatures that hide under your bed and prey on your mind when you sleep. With lines such as “low footsteps on the floor make me shiver” and “I’m paralyzed and my body’s frozen”, she places you in the scene of horror before tilting it into horror of the mind with “my mind is ripped into thousands of shreds” and “but I’m too scared to get caught in my head.” There’s nowhere to run from the creatures that live inside your head, haunting your dreams at night, and Emi Wide captures that fear perfectly in this song.

“Nowhere to Run” is a heavy-hitting, electro-pop song that captures you right away with its pulsating beat and dark, atmospheric tune. Starting off strong with that heavy bass and humming, you’re enthralled from the very beginning, the song luring you into the inky world painted by Emi Wide. The verses are characterized by fast vocals, with poetic lyrics that manage to stay high energy as the song mixes this form of tension with the more traditionally melodic chorus. On the shorter side at two minutes, this song packs a punch in the time it has, managing to capture a whole emotional experience in a bite sized package. Overall, this song is perfect for any sort of club or party, with the pulsating bass immediately compelling you to dance and sway along!

Emi Wide is an electro-pop artist who’s new to the scene but ready to take the international music world by storm. Both an accomplished singer and songwriter, Emi Wide’s music is distinct due to the creative and deep stories she tells, paired with the catchy and smooth melodies she composes. Her music has been compared to other female artists such as Upsahl and Tove Lo, who she’s said inspires her powerful production and rebellious energy. She released her first single, “Walk Out,” in 2020, and has since released almost ten more, including an EP in 2022 entitled “Girl is Gone”. This EP was received with lots of positive attention, helping her gather new fans and spots in festivals in both Denmark and Sweden. Use the links below to listen to more of her music!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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