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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "Numb" - Cally Rhodes

“Numb”, a recent release from Cally Rhodes, opens with an upbeat soundscape and pop vibe, and quickly tumbles into lyrics depicting a story that starts post breakup. Rhodes briefly describes the relationship, saying they had “put a lot of time in”, and been through a lot together. However, this love-based stage of the song - as well as in the relationship - does not last very long, and the audience is brought into Rhodes' mindset. She states how she watched her ex move on with his life, completely forgetting about her, and how it hurt to see this relationship come to an end. However, her ex tried to sneak back into her life with a late night text, which Rhodes calls out and states that she “saw your name on my phone in the night”, but it was too late to recover from their sour ending. Rhodes had been left numb to his love, hence the name of this track. She begs him to cut her loose, as she is “done with loving you” and “would rather be numb than feel for you”.

Clearly, Rhodes has strong feelings about this ending, which is assisted by her clever lyrics as well as the instrumental in the song. Filled with a bright ambiance, it is clear that she is not in tears about this breakup. The quick pulsation in the background seems to help move her story along, convincing the audience that this breakup is not something to waste time over. She spends no seconds on an emotional intro either, with the song opening right away to her fast paced electronic beats that continue on to the rest of the track. Similarly, the song ends with a sharp cutoff, allowing Rhodes to have the last word and adding a sense of finality to the breakup.

Cally Rhodes has over 70,000 monthly Spotify listeners, has been streamed more than 20 million times online, and has had her music used in British reality TV show, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. Originally from the United Kingdom, she has taken over BBC radio, and won multiple British accolades, including ‘Best Introducing Artist of the Year’ by BBC Introducing in Shropshire in 2018. She recently performed with UK boy band ‘Here At Last’ at 3 of their shows, and played multiple festivals last summer. She has almost 20 singles released on Spotify, and her career is only on a steep incline. We can’t wait to hear what the next drop entails. Check out the links below to hear the rest of her talented discography, and make sure to keep an eye out for more performances.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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