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  • Gillian Mena

Review: “Obsessed” - NEA EINI

At one point in our lives there comes a point when a person emerges who can alter our perspectives in its entirety. From their likes and dislikes to what can make them laugh and cry, knowing the details of their lives and being becomes an obsession of sorts. This type of hyperfixation making every last detail important is what sparked the inspiration for “Obsessed”. NEA EINI’s latest single brings a sultry sound to her discography contrasting some of her earlier works.

A whimsical and sultry feeling takes over the song as the beginning of the song begins. With a strong beat as well as a str5ong sythmic structure it is easy to become entranced in the song. With this however comes excellently written lyrics, at one point in the song NEA EINI sings “Cause everything about you is interesting, who you are today and who've you been”. This phrasing couples with the lyrical pattern and structure alongside the strong beats within the song creates a harmonious environment that ties together the environment of the song.

A Sweden based singer songwriter, NEA EINI first got her start in the industry through playing gigs at her local pub. After being handed a golden ticket in 2015 on Swedish Idol she continued on to make it to the top 25 of the group and allowed it to motivate her further. In 2019 she was discovered by the Swedish label South Nation Music through her song “Distortion” on Soundcloud. While this marked a new era in her music making, she continued to work on music emphasizing that her music would not fit into only one category, instead referring to it as mixed genre and even genre less. NEA EINI’s strong will as an artist has allowed her to persevere within the industry, and there is no doubt that she will continue to do so with her new music.

Written By Gillian Mena



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