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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Obvious" - Rauly

Life can throw you many curveballs. For instance, the coronavirus pandemic took away the aspect of a “normal” life. For a while, we weren’t allowed to eat at a sit-down restaurant or see a movie in a theater. A lot of times it gets to be more than you can handle. What makes it even worse is when you see other people getting what they want and thriving. You wonder, “when will it be my turn to be happy?” In his song, “Obvious,” Rauly sings about being in this unfortunate type of limbo.

I really liked Rauly’s voice. It sounded very calming and perfectly fit into the mood of the song. Even though Rauly is upset, the acoustic guitar instrumentation was light and happy. It really gave the song a theme of hope. Additionally, the fact that the melody keeps repeating can be a musical representation of the action of waiting. In other words, each day is the same and you’re waiting on that big break. You just have to take each day as it comes. In time, the clouds will roll away and the sun will shine. Fate will reward your patience.

Music is a great way to cope with difficult times in life. If you liked “Obvious” and want to hear more of Rauly’s songs, you should check out “Thinkin Bout It.”. The track is about the post-breakup feeling of regret. Like “Obvious,” it also uses an acoustic guitar. This time, though, the music is a lot more upbeat and Rauly shows off a different side of himself.

Written By Kelli Dixon



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