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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Odyssey" - Hounds Haul

"Odyssey", is an energetic alternative rock song from the band Hounds Haul. "Odyssey" sounds as though it exists in a space of its own, due to its very unique sound and intense passion. Each instrumental part of the song is telling its own story, while still being a member in creating a cohesive sound. "Odyssey" sounds like what it's like for a band to truly be in sync, while still taking bold and creative choices within the song. This is crucial to why the song feels as intense and bold as it does, making it perfect to rock out to. "Odyssey" remains an exciting listen from start to end, and never leads to a dull moment.

"Odyssey" is the second part to a larger project the band has created. The band's project is called "The Odyssey", which is a three-part series that was written during the Covid-19 lockdown. "Odyssey" has been an important release from the band's project because it was such a great creative outlet for the band that hadn't been fully shown in their prior releases. The band's making of this project, "The Odyssey", is really reflective of their passion and desire to create music that has substance and impact. The project touches on a lot of introspective themes such as escapism, and discovery.

The band Hounds Haul is based in Buckinghamshire, that formed in 2019. The band's creation served as an outlet for the work created by frontman Adam Bosworth. Adam has always possessed a passion for music and songwriting, but he hit a point where he realized his work would be better played with a band, rather than on his own. This led Adam on a search for the perfect musicians to have his band come to fruition. Upon gathering his members, the band would be formed and known as Hounds Haul. Since coming together as a band they have been able to establish their own unique style and sound, within the alternative rock genre.

Written By Alison Holst



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