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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Oh My Mind" - Modernlove.

Stuck inside, drearily moving forward, and slowly losing our minds-- that's what we bonded over during the pandemic. We were in a time when so many people lost their jobs and dove into the self-managed world, all from our homes' comfort and never-changing environment. There's insanity that comes from not being allowed to spend our free time outside and Modernlove. describes that in their new release titled, "Oh My Mind". Tackling the topic of mental illness in a post-pandemic world, they wrote this song in the midst of it--taking a level of vulnerability to explore the social isolation we were in and putting it in a song.

While "Oh My Mind" is focused on mental illness, Modernlove. takes a spin on it and sets it to an upbeat pop-track sound. It takes from the idea that, as young people, we take our issues and joke about them as a way to cope with the terror of it. So, in putting a topic such as mental health into an upbeat composition, we can find an excellent way to make the subject less daunting and normalize talking about it. The song says, "Think I might lose it/Oh, my mind/Am I still lucid?". It wonderfully describes how routine started to feel during the lockdown. With everything becoming remote and social media usage on the rise, we began to get exposed to trends and tips we would have never tried if we didn't need a way to escape the day-to-day routine. The repetitive monotony made us wonder if this is what life is--if this was our new reality.

The popular Irish pop-rock group Modernlove. came back with their new EP "Oh My Mind" on July 29th. The group comprises members Barry, Cian, Danny, and Graham, who aspire to explore the lives of twenty-somethings with their music. They deliver an enamoring indie-pop sound-- similar to the 1975-- with rich lyrics, stunning vocals, and enticing melodies. The group will start their first UK and Ireland tour this November with this new EP; tickets are available now, with several shows already selling out.

Written by Jane Katryn



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