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  • Kasey D.

Review: "Old Shoes" - Maggie Cubillos

Maggie Cubillos sings about her internal struggles and the desire to heal from them in her debut single, ‘Old Shoes’. Cubillos candidly describes her inability to release the gloom and cynicism that keeps her up at night; hiding behind false reassurance that hardly withstands time. This honest and uncut song is much needed in today’s generation. Many of us battle fiercely with mental health -- a war that feels seemingly impossible to win. Listeners of all ages and backgrounds can find a sense of comfort and appreciation from this inviting song that tackles such a complex topic with perfection.

‘Old Shoes’ is therapeutic in melody and lyricism. The line: “If growth wasn't painful I'd still wear my old shoes”, relates to how growth can be an uncomfortable experience but is an ultimate necessity in life. Once you accept and actively tackle your hardships, you’ll realise just how much you’ve outgrown your past. Maggie Cubillos’s self awareness stays consistent throughout the entirety of the song. Through the lyrics alone, listeners are made aware of the singer's biggest struggle: properly healing from her problems despite its difficulty. Many of us find ourselves stuck on this stage of self-growth as well. We're often told of ways to resolve our issues, but not all resolutions are applicable to everyone. Maggie Cubillos does an amazing job addressing this and admitting that she doesn't have all the answers, because she's still searching for them herself.

Maggie Cubillos is a singer-songwriter who currently attends Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Cubillos's debut single, "Old Shoes" showcases her musical abilities beautifully-- impressing and exciting many for future work. We hope to continuing writing about this young, extraordinary artist in the future. Until then, stay updated by following her social medias below!

Written By: Kasey D.



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