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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "On and On" - Rheum

Talking way too much is never a good look. Talking so much that a whole song is written about you isn’t a great look either. “On and On” by Rheum is a synth-rock track about a chatterbox that just won’t quit even mid-break-up. Rheum hit the nail on the head with this power pop banger. Sometimes silence is the only way to penetrate the never-ending wall of words coming from your soon-to-be ex-partner. This energetic powerhouse of a song will certainly get you on your feet and pumped to take on anything. Even that talkative person you can’t get a word in with.

Click here to listen to "On and On"

With explosive guitar riffs, EDM-inspired backing with a hurdy-gurdy melody pulling the instrumental together this song is a rousing earworm. Rheum introduces interesting sounds into their music that you wouldn’t expect to hear on a modern track. These unique instruments make for an exciting listening experience. Sleigh bells ringing through an electrónica inspired heavy hitter like this is certainly a distinctive choice. The tones of the medieval hurdy-gurdy also add a layer of interest. The production sounds crusty and raw but at the same time professional. Rheum is setting themselves apart from the rest with these songs. Though “On and On” is their sophomore record, a polished maturity can already be heard throughout.

Rheum is an indietronica duo made up of two brothers. Henrik and Lars. These two have been making music together their whole lives. Playing in many genres they put together a collection of songs made in their parents' garage years ago. Their upcoming album is called “Cassettes'' aptly named after the cassettes they mixed their music on.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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