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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "On Read" - CC Clarke

With the constant need to understand the world and everything around us, we’re pressured constantly to be up-to-date. We’re dragged in by the addicting feeling of a new ‘ping’ from our phone—being expected to reply as soon as our screen lights up once more. To the people who finally respond to us and expect us to drop everything while not doing the same for us, “On Read” by CC Clarke is daring you to tell them goodbye for a while and leave them ghosted. It’s the time to step away from our phones, turn the ringer off, and enjoy the present with a few stunning tunes for a really good time.

With this electro-pop sound, CC Clarke brings us this upbeat track to send a message to the people trying to take your attention away from the real world that they’re not getting a response anytime soon. She energizes us with this vibe, asking you to take your mind off your screen and onto the dance floor. She sings, “I ain’t gonna write you back tonight/I ain’t gonna waste my time tonight”, to tell others that she doesn’t care about your message; she’s out here living her best life, one without the pressure of being chronically online. It’s a refreshing message—if they want her attention, they got to earn it because she’s got bigger priorities that don’t include them.

A beauty content creator with a penchant for music—CC Clarke is an artist in many forms. She’s an icon, influencing fashion, lifestyle, and music all at the same time. She’s an ambitious star without energy, unlike any other attempting to speak to audiences in a personally authentic way that makes you want to listen in. “On Read” is her newest single, released September 30th, that dares you to look away from the pressure of having to constantly be tuned in while asking you to liberate your senses with her music. With over 2 million followers, she’s pulling the music scene by the hand and guiding us into an experience we’ll never forget.

Written by Jane Katryn



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