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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "on your sleeve" - Nightly

"on your sleeve" is all about when you instantly click with someone and immediately fall for them. It's evident that you both are really into each other, and you can't stay away from one another. Even though you can sense that they feel the same way, you want to be able to get confirmation from them that the feelings are mutual. It's important that you both confirm your feelings for one another, so you both are able to move forward in life together. Nightly crafted this wonderful piece that gives listeners all the feelings of new love along with a cool melody to chill out to. Even though this song gives off some calmer vibes, there is still such a strong sense of passion that the band gives off through their lyricism and vocals.

The melody in "on your sleeve" has a powerful rhythm mixed with some celestial tones. The beat stays consistently strong throughout the piece, and the melody switches up a couple of times throughout the song. In the intro most of the melody is already introduced, then it lightens up during the pre-chorus, and then all that power comes back for the chorus itself. This makes the most important parts of the song more impactful and perfectly highlights the vocals and lyrics. There's a part right before the final chorus that allows for a bit of a guitar solo which electrifies the song. As for the vocals and lyrics, both sound full of emotion and blend beautifully with the melody that they crafted. Their lyrics roll off your tongue so nicely and are crafted in such a way that they just get stuck in your head. I personally love the line" so say what you wanna say what you wanna say to me" because like a lot of other lines in the song, it's just fun to sing. This song overall has such a lively air to it and energizes listeners.

Nightly consists of artists Jonathan Capeci, Joey Beretta, and Nicholas Sainato. Jonathan and Joey are cousins who grew up near Philadelphia and spent their youth playing in bands. Once they became young adults, they decided to move to Nashville to pursue a career in music. Jonathan and Nicholas teamed up with Nicholas, signed with Interscope Records, and began working on their debut EP as Nightly. Their debut was a hit, with their famous song "XO" reaching two million streams over the course of a few weeks. They began touring, opening for artists including Ke$ha, The All-American Rejects, and Zella Day. In the following years, Nightly embarked on their first headline tour, signed a record deal with BMG, and released their debut album night, love you.

Written By Melina Darlas



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